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Rediscover your physical and mental edge through our scientifically backed program which combines nutrition, fitness, mindset and lifestyle frameworks to reduce stress, restore physical and mental energy and ensure you are performing at your peak.

About Us

Ken R Macleod – Program Director

By the age of 10 Ken declared he wanted to be in business, just like his father. He also had a passion to fly and sought an RAF scholarship at 16. But at 17 he was selected to be an ambassador on an exchange program with a school in Canada. He later commenced his business education when he was accepted to read Economics and Business at Western (Canada).

His first job was with Swiss Bank (now UBS) in London, later NatWest (now Citi) working in investment banking. In ‘94 he was selected at NatWest to head to Australia to assist in its Asia Pacific expansion, and then to Japan. By this time he had developed a reputation for high stakes projects which became his trademark, and was subsequently approached by Dresdner Bank (DrKB) to roll out its business in Japan.

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Ken deepened his understanding of business through his investing activities around this time, the success of which allowed Ken to take extended leave from the corporate world 2 years later to pursue his passion for flying. He chose Australia to do it, training with RAAF pilots as an aerobatic pilot, then purchasing a plane, and navigating it 9000 miles round Australia.

Returning to corporate, he was sought by GE Capital to head their Australasian Finance team. After 2 years, Ken stepped away to establish Scotia Finance, raising capital to fund early stage companies.

The company evolved into Scotia Macleod, an investment and corporate advisory, where he advised 100’s of businesses, many in the health sector. These included one investment, involved in medical research, where he served 3 years on the executive board.

It was during this time that he was exposed to new findings in human performance, resilience and anti ageing, and after seeing the need in executive circles, he exited this investment, and began to develop what is now known as The StackWell Method®. He then founded The Executive Edge which is dedicated to sharing The StackWell Method® with ambitious executives and professionals globally.

Michael SmithMichael Smith N.D. BHSC (Naturopathy)

Consultant Integrative Functional Expert

Originally from Melbourne, Micheal began his career as a chef and from there what evolved was a deep interest what the effects of food and activity have on health.

His work is now centred on functional naturopathy making full use of the most current and functional pathology facilities of the most modern laboratories around the world, depending on the needs of those who he works.

He makes full use as appropriate of genetic testing, and functional tests not typically available under Medicare, to provide the most effective protocols for those in need.

The Program

The Executive Edge Program (powered by new rules of high performance under The StackWell Method®) is a 6 month executive coaching program that strategically tailors nutritional, fitness and lifestyle frameworks to optimise the functioning of the body and mind, for performance at higher level, ageing less and achieving more, for longer.



We conduct clinical and self-guided functional tests to determine where you are at right now.



We formulate your customised strategy derived from your goals, aspirations and where you are starting from.



Learn the new rules of high performance, do what you have to do, measure how you go.



Stack the elements that work, drop what doesn’t. Develop your routine. Repeat. Ritualise.

The StackWell Method®

The StackWell Method® accesses synergistic responses from the body and mind when the body’s functional systems are nourished, moved and treated otherwise in the manner that it was designed. It has been specifically adapted to be able to be integrated into the lives of those who demand the most from their brain and bodies to be able to perform at their highest level, for longer, fitting perfectly into the lives of ambitious executives.


Learn what to nourish yourself with and how to integrate new approaches to nutrition into your life, and your family’s way of living, if necessary.


Learn routines that are tailored to your current level of fitness that yield extraordinary results in body shape, strength, and overall sense of power.



Learn how to control your breath to enhance energy levels, reduce stress, boost the immune system, and provide extraordinary anti ageing benefits.


Understand the capability of the body to unlock its natural capacity to sleep deeply and soundly that will drive higher performance, stronger immune and resilience and in business and life.



Learn the power of harnessing the environment we live in to enhance our functional performance for health and resilience and ultimately for high performance.


Finding someone like Ken is a rare thing….like most busy execs TIME was always the enemy. Ken’s unique understanding of MY world and how to implement “life-hacks” makes this approach different from the rest. This is rest of my life

Mike Pearse
Chief Technology Officer – Pitchblak

I always have to be on top of my game, fully present and perform to my best abilities. I couldn’t take this lightly anymore. I made one of the best decisions in my life. My days became longer, I was present, productive and felt so light on my feet. Thank you Ken, you have literally changed my life

Carole Issa
Coach | Facilitator | Trainer – Alephreneur

After witnessing the drastic results from a friend of mine who worked with Ken, I asked to be introduced. He made small changes to 3 key areas in my life, dietary, workout and mindset. Doing those changes have provided me with a constant state of vitality, focus and clarity throughout my day and in my daily life. Even, after a couple of weeks I could see the difference just by doing those small changes, and now become my constant in my lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Ken.

Iyad Horani
Technical Lead – Snakk Media

Would you like to find out more?

Access to The Executive Edge Program is via application only. The 12 month program is currently led by Ken R Macleod, and supported by his professional functional diagnostic lab and naturopathic teams (with others as required). It will only suit those who are serious and wish to consistently live and work at the highest level. It is therefore for the exceptional few only. If you feel this is something you would like to explore and comfortable to have open discussion to see if we should be talking more, get in touch for a 15 minute chat before we explore further.